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THE VINEYARD - Cultivation & Harvest

The vines are trained on trellises 6 feet (1.8m) apart, with 3 feet 3 in (1m) between vines. The growth of grass and wild flowers down the aisles and beneath the vines is managed according to the season, and there are no exposed soils to be sprayed with herbicides.

Pruning is carried out between December and April, and training is by a variation on the single Guyot system which we call the East Meon dual Guyot system, under which two canes of unequal length are tied down in parallel, giving a balanced distribution of shoots that can be readily managed.


Because of the need for a single crop that will produce a fine wine without blending, great care is taken to ensure (through management of the canopy, basal leaf removal and, where necessary, bunch selection) that only healthy and ripe grapes are sent to the winery. 

Pruning the vines at East Meon Vineyard
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