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In contrast to other wines of the same type, East Meon Berrygarden is the product of grapes which are harvested on a single day and undergo pressing, fermentation and elevation as a single unblended batch.

The small scale of the vineyard allows an uncompromising and highly detailed approach to quality.

ABOUT US - Our Approach

"What I enjoy most about making the East Meon Berrygarden wines is the moment each year the fruit arrives at the winery, it is always so pristine! 

I have never known such rigorous selection at harvest, every bunch delivered is quite literally perfect – with no trace of disease or underripe berries – and this is a fantastic starting point for making fine sparkling wine. 

This meticulous attention to detail is only possible on a small vineyard, and is more akin to Grand Cru Burgundy production than most English vineyards."

Dermot Sugrue, Winemaker

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